Everyone has seen it by now, but Stewart’s “interview” (lecture? beating? populist channelling?) of Cramer last night was some of the most satisfying, compelling TV I’ve seen in a while. (OT: Kudos to Cramer for showing up, manning up, and it did appear he felt bad. He strikes me as a fundamentally decent person with a need to be famous.)

Now, if someone would do that to the political Talking Head moronosphere.

But in all the fuss over this, people may have missed another wonderfully cathartic piece of public information, sadly just a blog post, this one by Amanda, on the peculiar genius that is Caribou Barbie and her progeny, and especially the conundrum Bristol’s situation puts the conservative movement, and the whole thing is essentially all about Bewaring The Man.

I call the blog Beware the Man because Beware the Woman doesn’t work, no, not at all, and Amanda explains why.