IOZ really makes me laugh, and is a very, very smart man and really good writer.

I do believe this is the best summary of our long national journey to the heart of darkness I have read, to date.

Update: My job is at risk, but I’m in a really good position to handle it relative to most. My palatial 1100 sq.ft. townhome is a luxury car payment away from being paid off, and that is all I owe. And to think I suffer from serious house envy. I own an 8 year old Mercedes (C, so gimme a break) that has been paid for for five years, so I guess I bought into the scam for some period of time, to some degree. It’s starting to rust, but I don’t care all that much. Never thought I would own one. I’ve lost at least $100K in the 201K, leaving me a King’s ransom of maybe $3-400K net worth. I came from nothing, but my sensible parents and all the time I spent with my Depression-Era grandparents is paying big dividends. I have what I want, more than most I’m sure, but a lavish lifestyle it is not.

Mostly I have what I need, a roof over my head, food on the table, and oodles of people I love very much. Some of them probably love me back, but I don’t worry about that much, either. Love is a gift best given.

We’re going down because we deserve it. But I for one look forward to a complete restructuring of the whole mess. When I’m an old man, not too long, we’ll be better, and I’ll be prouder of my country.

I sure hope the naysayers don’t let it happen.

Update: The house is a super luxury car loan away from being paid for, not a payment!

Wishful thinking, perhaps. A lot of that going around, so I can’t be immune.