I know my loyal dozens miss me, but I’ve been completely floored by events professional, personal, and political.

So I’ve been trying to channel my blogging energy, such as it is, into grassroots persuasion. It hasn’t gone well.

Some great links to feed your need:

The great Heywood J on the conservative movement in general.

Atrios sees a good idea in action.

John Cole on the difference between socialism and capitalist nirvana.

Digby being Digby. Beware The Man.

Kos on the GOP’s ongoing fact-challenged based world view.

Kos again, on earmark reality.

Steve Benen and Greg Sargent ask a few questions of the leader of the GOP, Rush Limbaugh, thrice married, ex-drug addict, sex-trade Viagra-packing champion of the family values party. His ultimate answer isn’t very coherent. So I hope he’s still off the hillbilly heroin.

Matt Yglesias with a simple view of the stimulus proposal, and a nice post about how it all fits together, which any moron should be able to see.

Structural change, which I believe is sorely needed, doesn’t come easy. If things get bad enough, I expect violence and horror. That’s usually how big change comes. Thank FSM for living in the U.S., where at least our odds are a little better at avoiding it.

I firmly believe things are going to be horrid for at least two years, for all of us little people. So, I can accept that, on the condition I have a shiny new economy at the end of the tunnel. Supertrains, accessible health care even without a job, the world’s leading exporter of green energy technology, modernized schools, roads I don’t have to slalom past potholes a la your average world-class Alpine skier, bridges that don’t collapse on me, broadband everywhere I go, et al. I’ll take the pain for the gain.

I’m just not sure the Limbaugh party will let it happen.