I find it extremely illuminating that after years of every single Power Institution (religious, charitable, governmental, et AL) you can name for me having abused their power and wealth in some hideous way, shape and form, folks didn’t pay all that much attention until their wallets were affected by Fiscal Man and Financial Man, whom The People “trusted” until right about…NOW!

I wonder sometimes: Who doesn’t look around with their own fucking eyeballs and conclude that “throwing money at the problem” doesn’t actually work?

Everywhere I look, people with money have it better in general. I do NOT think it is rational to believe 100% of that money they’re spending isn’t “wasted.”

I am in no way asserting that there is not waste in spending of any kind, perhaps even especially in government, but I got some bad news for all you Randian tax-cut theologian wankers: There are boatloads of cash being peed out the proverbial window in Capitalist America every single day, too. And a LOT of it goes to people who get bonuses.

The System is based on waste.

This is too stupidly obvious to deal with.

Update: The people who can’t see this are made up almost entirely of those who need to do and think what they’re told. Authoritarians. Fanatics. Ideologues. Zealots. “You know…morons,” to quote the great Blazing Saddles.