5:20: Sad commentary on the airline industry that I want to tap the Cheser before the flight attendants.

Good solid job by Jennifer Hudson, whom I know only by name.

Commercial time.

I like Kurt Warner, but I wish he’d give more credit to himself.

Only 10 more minutes of commercials to go before the kickoff!

AZ wins the toss: As Hall of Famer Billy Clyde Puckett once put it, “In a big game you’d rather kick than receive. That’s to get in some licks on defense and let the other side know you’ve come to stack asses.”

5:26: Cliche festival, with the occasional worthwhile nugget thrown in. Keith had a good one earlier, that Pitt was #1 in D on the “#2 receiver.”

General Patraeus! Wow! Your media stardom is official!

Time for the Big Event.

“West Des Moines Valley?” If you’re good, they’ll find you.

Didn’t look the Cardinals had a clue on the first big play of the game.

3 almost for sure.

7 looks more likely after a nice play by Ben to Miller.

Fun. 3rd and one at the 1. Good play by Ben, again. Big Ben happy after the first drive of the game. AZ needs at least two first downs.

Premature and bogus challenge. Panicked first year head coach? Let it go, Ken.

Correction, correction please. Good challenge. I think the first poker move of the game has been won by Whisenhunt. Cards go to offense.

Third and one. Cards still need two first downs to cancel the 3.

Good confusing D scheme, Cards react appropriately by putting the ball on the rug.

Big play, or back to the Steelers.

Small play. Very small.

Still no big deal without a Steeler six here. The Cards burned some clock sucking, and got their players in The Game.

Holmes for 25. Pitt certainly seems to have the edge so far. Still, pick-6 and you have a whole new ballgame.

TD with ball thrown earlier. Pitt dodges a shield.

MVP not a hard call with 2:00 left in the 1st.

AZ could be in for a long night giving up a 6 here.

A mediocre-to-better Dorito’s ad, and I like me Danica.

TD. Steeler kicking ass and taking names. Cards need at least a 3 to feel good about their own asses.

Good Bud commercial. Can’t go wrong featuring some of FSM’s most beautiful creatures, the Clydesdale and the Dalmatian.

More commercials, after a THRILLING kick-off! However, it’s another horse-dog mostly horse commercial. So I liked it.

Good to run on 1st down there by the Cards. Rewarded with another first down. The Cards coaches caught something short and easy.

Breaston is used to playing in big games.

Not a good idea to give Warner as much time as he got to hit Boldin.

LOL. Hilarious TD for the Cards. Perfect throw, indeed.

3rd and long on the subsequent series for the Steelers. In the absence of a big play, we have a good game on our hands.

And so we do.

Breaston is accustomed to playing in big games.

Good D by Pittsburgh after a big play.

Throw the ball deep to Fitz unless there are three dudes on him, in which case some other dude has to have one-on-one. Interception? Who cares, just like a punt. Freakshow play for 6? Even better.

I’m guessin’ that’s what everyone is talking about though, on both sides.

Nice catch, not U2 Edge.

Steelers’ ball, plenty of time to put up another score, or the first turnover of the game.

Starting to get bored…

And whaddaya know? Pick. No one’s fault. Football. AZ is suddenly a very happy football team.

BIG play by Hightower.

People should really read Semi Tough.

Game changer. Funny stuff. Add to that the biggest zebra call in SB history. After about 11 replays, I gotta give it to him. Now agreeing with Madden.

One needs to see Bruce before one gets it.

Yeah, hearkens me back. I knew him when he was just a boy. Hope he blows NBC off and does another one. The boys and girls rock, and Miami Steve is now on my all-time list of people I would trade lives with, not a small accomplishment. I’m gonna call it the best halftime show ever and get out. Excellent A/V helps.

Obvious call and punt. Too many zebras controlling this game. Get it right the first time, men.

PATHETICALLY BOGUS call! How about a no-call considering it was intentional fucking grounding of the first order?

The zebras deserve the MVP.

Big drop by Heath. Big play. 20-7 is only the edge of the end of the game.

Ben dumped that one intentionally. Technically correct call, but football incorrect.

24-7? Turn out the lights.



Free advice for the Cards: Run the ball with four downs in mind down 20-7. A long steady drive for 6 will freak the Steelers out.

8:00 on the dime and I’m tired. The good news is that a score here by Pitt and I can call it a night.

I’m about to say the zebras still deserve the MVP. Bullshit call on Hood.

:36: TD.

Would be a funny win for the Cards. Kudos to both teams. Good game, and I think the better team won by about the amount they were better.