The Dish reports on two polygamy suits in Canada, in which the polygamous groups are using legal same-sex marriage to say, “Why not us?”

The left has long stupidly argued against the ol’ slippery slope into man-on-loofah marriage, and the reason it is stupid is because it is logically flawed. Of course we can draw the line at polygamy, cried the Left!

Yeah, you can, you just can’t do it with any intellectual consistency or rational argument.

The issue boils down to what you think the State’s role is in the institution of marriage. While I accept the State’s right to determine the law around what happens legally in the presence of marriage, I don’t get why the State should be allowed to make any decisions about who marries whom*. For the exact same reasons I don’t care why gay people get married, I don’t care about marriages of odd or big numbers.

Oh, but the CHILDREN!!!111 Bullshit. Kids do fine in healthy environments of any combination, and do poorly in unhealthy environments of any combination. Christ, who can’t look around in their own life experience and see this? Who hasn’t known wonderful children of broken families? Who hasn’t known big gangs of brotherly sibling assholes from perfectly traditional families? It’s too self-evident to bother with.

And as far as the sex with minors goes, well, that’s just plain out of bounds, and we have ample law to cover that stuff. Plus, if you can become a great big powerful religious institution, all you have to is pay for it! That’s your only tangible consequence! All big movements have to start someplace.

I want the State all the way out of my own and everyone else’s personal lives, period, as long as we’re not TANGIBLY harming anyone else. Marriage is one of those personal things.

So the LGBT community had better start rethinking their position on polygamy, because they’re going to look pretty stupid making the same arguments against polygamists that were made against their own struggle.

Update: Sorry. After a re-read it appears there is only one legal action.

*Update 2: This assumes all parties are consensual adults. Again, sort of an obviously baseline concept, at least to me.