I’m getting a little put off by all this talk of “sacrifice,” “we’re all going to have to sacrifice,” and on and on.

Look, I’ll still volunteer a bit, donate to worthy causes, support local candidates with brains not in their asses, show up at work until they tell me I can’t anymore, pay my taxes, and engage the morons aggressively.

But until the multimillionaire Village Elders and their cocktail party friends, the Captains of Industry, and other Masters of the Universe cough up, I’m gonna bitch like hell about my fixed-income parents and any poor person in the country being expected to sacrifice jack shit. They’ve sacrificed enough, thank you very much.

Beware The Man. And when you get a chance, figure out a non-violent way to fuck Him painfully. (Probably best to focus on The Man’s Achilles’ Heel, the wallet.)