while I’m at it.

It ain’t left and right, folks. That’s a canard set up by (mostly) the Right, with the help of enough people on the Left who enjoy being rich and unaccountable. (And but for the grace of FSM…)

The Game is, as it always has been in the end, Have vs. Have Not.

Now, both this and the previous post notwithstanding, I feel as good as I have in, oh, 8 years. The mood is good. But somehow the framework of the debate needs to be changed. The blogosphere is helping, but the pressure needs to be kept up, and not about stupid shit like John points out here. Honestly, I can’t see why any sane person would declare themselves a member of either party at this point in our history.

Obama? The Force is strong in this one.

Update: Josh Marshall has more on the same overarching principle.