Like Heywood J., I’ve never had a dog in this fight, and I can see why both sides would be pissed and anyone in the middle would be exhausted.

So to an “objective” observer like me, the pure math, just the raw probability of this kind of political consensus in a political era where it is hard to get agreement on anything, creates some suspicion. Money quote from Glenzilla:

Does anyone actually believe that, in the absence of extremely effective political pressure, 510 ideologically diverse members of Congress — at exactly the moment when worldwide opposition to the Israeli assault is growing in response to documented civilian horrors — would all have jointly decided that Israel was right to bomb and invade Gaza and that it is in America’s interests to insinuate itself on Israel’s side? Even Governors, such as Democrat Martin O’Malley of Maryland, ludicrously popped up to follow the pro-Israel script.”

Uh, yeah, that’s a little weird.

John Cole has more, and so does Thers.

It sure does get a man to wonderin’ how so much of the rest of the world has trouble viewing us as an honest broker between Israel and Palestine.