Need any more evidence that The Man has run wildly out of control than this nice little tale about how our wonderful Democratic leadership was able to strike a deal (!) with taxpayer-funded Citi?

That said, if someone can explain to me why Citi, after taking some $40 billion of our money, is in a position to make “demands” on the US Senate, I’d be fascinated. You’d think they would be happy that we haven’t come after them with pitchforks, or at least sufficiently relieved that they’ve gotten their hands on our money without our requiring any real concessions of them that they’d refrain from asking for more. But noooooo…

Seriously, Hilzoy is right. Who is running this place, and why does it suck so bad?

Atrios asks the question another way.

I can’t even imagine considering “negotiating”, much less conceding anything in a business or political deal with an entity to whom I had just given $40,000,000,000 from the people I allegedly work for.

That’s just plain weird and more than a little irritating.

Update: A watershed moment in WTF. The perfect median clusterfuck as defined by the confluence of corrupt politics, corrupt economics, and corrupt media, all wrapped up nice and pretty in one “negotiation.” (Using “corrupt” in any/every way but the legal one. An important caveat.)

At least the Dems walked out with their heads held high.

I just don’t get it, other than I think most reasonably intelligent and powerful human beings negotiate from a position of strength, and this is the trillionth example of how the people I want and need in power have…less than I think?

I’m trying to be kind.

Death will become me.