Here we are at the onset of perhaps the worst times we’ve ever been through as a country, at least most of us still alive, and all I can do is gaze in stunned silence as the Dems prove once again why they suck at politics, though simultaneously validating my reasons for thinking they suck, as well as my non-membership in their Political Stupid Club.

Oh, I’ll vote for them, but that’s out of pure survival instinct, and nothing more. Well, that, and right now in our history they seem a bit more reality based. It’s odd they don’t consider politics+media “reality.”

The Burris thing is so epically fucked up it is beyond stupid and well down the parody path. I got yer taint right here, morons. And you, Mr. Burris, you self-promoting testament to the problems with affirmative action, are not exactly polishing your knob, except in the vernacular of my youth.

And is Harry Reid politically retarded, or a closet Republican, or both?

DiFi crying like a little schoolgirl about Panetta is particularly rich. Yo, Diane! We know where your husband makes his money! We know what a fine job you did with the intelligence presented you on Iraq!

Shut. Up. Please, Senator Feinstein.

It’s a fucking miracle, and testament to Bush the Lesser’s abject and total failure, that the Dems won anything.

What an embarrassment. And what a great example of, “why Americans hate politicians.”