…became a Governor.

He’s obviously a little (or maybe a lot) smarter than you average Dem professional pol. When it comes to winning, not being a decent person. We all know the two are not mutually exclusive.

The Dems are going to lose this one in Court. Which is just plain fucking stupid on the Dems, including Obama’s part.

Yeah, another mistake I’ve seen Obama make, political-acumen wise. But I predict it will wind up with his “bitter gun owners and Bible thumpers” remark in terms of substance. Unless they cock it up worse than they already have, like having Burris arrested and tasered or something media-equivalent for showing up for his legal appointment.

Trust me, Burris will vote with Obama.

Beware The Man, even if The Man is ostensibly on your side. My FSM, the Dems are bad politicians. If it weren’t for those pesky facts, unwinnable wars, bailouts for the rich, stupid, and corrupt, a horrible economy and world standing, they’d be Republicans. Goddamn, I’m starting to think Harry Reid is functionally retarded, or knows someone important has compromising pictures of him.

Why can’t the Dems be as tough on Republicans as they are on each other? Inquiring minds want to know. Teh Stoopid is epic.

Obama should have stayed out of it. And I’ll bet he’s figured that out by now.

Update: Burris is no genius, in fact, he’s a bit of an anachronism in the Great Racial Debate. Shorter, faster: “A basically honest, reasonably intelligent Negro!” Said his not insane cracker peers. Burris is 71. Context is important. There was a period of time in this country where any sane politician understood racial politics was…uh…a bit one sided, formal representation-wise.

But Roland is not without heart and conscience. Ego he has tons of, but so what. All successful people in every profession have confidence and ego. (Which is not to say ego is paramount, only that ego is a necessarily small and but critical component of one’s own definition of success.)

I hope this all goes down as the #1 Stoopid of Obama’s first eight years, because everyone loves him so much we unanimously and quickly rescind Amendment #22, because we’re the #1 exporter of green energy manufactured mechanical and electronic genius-goods, we’ve virtually eliminated our fellow citizens’ lack of health care, we have a ton of objectively better mass transportation and our schools are suddenly, while still too soon to get near the top of the pile, way better than our schools were.

(Yes, the morons will claim the stats are cooked by “liberal” ideas like science and math, but we’ll collectively–politically–all feel a bit better and prouder, and the GOP is further seen as WTF.)

Then, I win the lottery, get the girl of my dreams, find the Fountain of Youth; it turns out my metabolism freakishly–but with no apparent adverse side-effects-naturally produces Viagra, while all living creatures except insects and me can communicate on a rational and intellectual level.

Dogs can actually do whatever I tell them, and even argue with me if they don’t like my ideas.

And so on.

Obama’s honeymoon is far from over. Stupid mistakes like Blago’s appt., like it or not, largely due to Media Man, cannot be afforded.

The good news is that we all love us good intentions, and good speeches. When they come together, there is Hope.