I’m a little late to the party, but the renewed killing in Gaza and Israel mostly sort of bores me at this point, so except for all the dead innocents I can’t get too worked up about it anymore. I hope Secretary of State Clinton and Obama can turn the ship around.

As best I can tell, Hamas needed more support, so successfully provoked a disproportionate Israeli counter-strike.

And round and round we go. Why does it seem to me that Hamas has smarter political figures than Israel? That they’re doing better winning those hearts and minds? I don’t think any regional power is going to overrun Israel in a traditional, symmetrical way any time soon. So the little guys fight asymmetrically, being their only choice, and just a whole bunch of human nature out there in the world pulls for the little guy. And asymmetric warfare is often won because the people doing it, by very definition, “want it more.”

Israel’s strategic policy of shooting their way out of a terrorist problem, which is really more a property, religious, and sovereignty problem run riot, sure does seem to this casual observer to be moving along rather slowly in terms of accomplishment.

Me, I’d try something else. I guess that’s why I’m not smart enough to be a world leader.

Ezra has a more intelligent take, of course. And several others if you go to his main page.

Too bad Ezra is Jewish. Taking a stand against Israel in any way, no matter how solid that stand may be, is awfully tough here in the ol’ USofA for a Jew.

My only dog in the hunt is peace and some shared prosperity for all who live in the region. It’s pretty easy for me to see both sides of this particular debate, and all I can say for sure is that whatever has been done thus far is not working. Time to stop digging, as they say.