I know, nothing new there, but the reason I’m so bearish on the future of this country is that what she says is so transparently obvious, yet Media Man along with our “leaders” in Washington DC have managed to shift the debate to the Little People who build cars and organize workers, and all you hear (with a few exceptions) from the collective pair of gasbags named above is about the auto industry bailout, while there is sadly little taking to the streets and setting banks on fire outside of the voices in the blogosphere doing it, and not literally, as we’re a peaceful bunch.

2009 is going to make 2008 look like a workers’ paradise.

I was in an all-employee meeting within the past year or so, held to deliver bad news in an “open and honest” dialogue, town-hall meeting style. Maybe 300-400 attendees. We’re told several things, among them that we’re closing a line of business, and increasing our outsourcing. There was a microphone passed around so people could ask questions.

I had my hand up for a long time, patiently waiting for my turn. But as other questions were answered while I was waiting, the rationalizations for doing what we were doing started to pile up, and the hypocrisy started to grate, and by the time I got the microphone, I was really mad.

So, when the HR dude handed to me, I asked, “It is well known that our European and Japanese counterparts pay their executives far less than we do here in America. Are we looking to outsource any of our senior leadership? Oh, and can you share with us the last year that your bonus was ‘0?'” (One of the things that got me mad was an answer from this guy that included the line, “My bonus could be 0.”)

You could feel a breeze with the amount of air sucked out of the room by the audience gasp. I knew I’d stepped in it again.

And sure enough, I was pretty badly abused by all the management for a good coupla-three weeks. But, getting back around to the point, for those same three weeks people I didn’t even KNOW were coming up to me and thanking me, and high-fiving me, and generally just saying, “Right on.”

Are “we” so intimidated and discouraged and beaten down by The Man that we can’t even voice public agreement when The Man is challeged? Is Media Man so far in the tank for The Man they can’t even bring this stuff up as a central point in the country’s anger?

It sure seems like it to me. It is incredibly disturbing and discouraging.

Update: Right on cue, Barnicle and Cramer address it on Hardball. Too bad nobody watches the show.