I nominate John Cole. Not that John is common, in the pedestrian, useless term of the word. More that John is uncommonly smart and sensible, and tries to look at life from both sides now.

I nominate myself for his second. I’m better orally, so to speak (verbally?), than I am in writing. Virtually perfect as John’s Press Secretary, or Operational Chief of Common Man Sanity. I’ve a long background in Operations.

Operations people also have a good background in reality, by definition. We have to make things work, we have to understand competing interests, and we have to…make things work.

Update: I know for sure I can cut through bullshit academic arguments and inject some goddamn real life/world medicine into the debate between all our collective geniuses, you know, the ones that haven’t ever had to worry about a damn tangible thing in their entire fucking lifetimes. Update note*: And those same people having seriously diminished this country in every single fucking respect there is, IMHO, because of their lack of real-world concerns.

(John, I wouldn’t be profane in public, except when it was absolutely called for. And no F-words, no matter what.)

Update: Precisely.

*Update 2: Fixed link. Added a sentence. What a retard blogger I am.