I’m becoming increasingly convinced that we’re not getting out of our last 8 years without some serious karma-bitch payback, and that this country will never again, in my lifetime, represent what it did to me as an eager kid, soaking up the history written by us winners of America as a shining beacon on the goddamn hill, auld langsyne blah blah blah.

I don’t do blogging well, for one thing. Too many things are so transparently obvious to me I can’t synthesize anything funny or unique or smart about them. So, again, I’m just going to outsource.

The Editors on well, lots of stuff. But all of it is true, and prima facie supporting evidence of my central point.

The Fed decides to give money to everyone but me for free. This seems to me like a bit of dying gasp. So I link you to Ian Welsh, whom I’ve come to love, and who tells the story in a lot more detail. It’s almost like he knows economics or something.

John Cole on the truly execrable Karl Rove. John does great stuff daily. Again, this stuff seems pretty clear to me. I was 70% cash when the market crashed. I mean, duh. But John makes a great point: Have we actually done anything about it? I promise I’ll link it if I can find it.

Would some genius out there write something about how we’re paralyzed from doing anything corrective because the tax code and accounting rules have made the financial system so complex that no single group of people can even monitor it, much less regulate it?

Even Obama doesn’t seem to get this. But I do, and I’m right about it, and frankly, that’s all I’m really good at.