…are in typical order for this wonderfully accurate portrayal of The Man by Heywood J.

As someone who has intimate familiarity with large bureaucracies, it has never stopped amazing me that The Man require no particular skills beyond those personal and political, within whatever power vacuum these people try to fill.

Sure, they’re usually brighter than average. Some in fact are very, very bright.

But it doesn’t matter. Once these folks become above it all, Masters of the Universe, looking down from on high upon those of us who don’t share their need for domination, alleged expertise or an ability to deal with what happens in real life as consequences of their decisions is simply another academic exercise in spreadsheet balancing. And guess who pays the tab to get the spreadsheet in order?

Because there are never consequences for the rich and powerful (look no further than your national media corps, or, say, ANYONE in the Bush Administration) no matter how badly they fuck up, no matter how many times they get it wrong, no matter how much carnage is left in their wakes.