…courtesy Thers at Whiskey Fire.

Hilarious brain-cramp, mostly because everyone has been there. Just. Plain. Funny.

Unless you consider this some sort of meta indictment on the shallowness and sexist misogyny running wild through American manhood.

Which, if you commented at Pandagon…well, I’m just sayin’.

Though could it be that had Thers remembered the name of his son’s teacher it would’ve been worse? A greater indictment? Could go either way.

I don’t claim to understand, believe me. Not deep enough, I suppose. Or at least so I’m told. I just don’t get it.

You can say that again.

Some things I find funny apparently make me a bad, bad person. And sometimes, even things I don’t find funny (entirely the case when it came to the “boobie jokes” Amanda referred to), but understand why others might makes me a bad, creepy person, too! A woman hater, I tell you! An oppressor of all things feminine!

Update: Never let it be said that sociopolitical Blogworld is for the faint of heart.

Update 2: I’m terribly disappointed by the personal nature of the attacks I brought on myself wading into the highly passionate comment section at Pandagon, and I wish more blogs were more accepting to dissenting opinions (I got roughly the same treatment, the one and only time I ever commented, at the truly, consistently moronic Protein Wisdom when I asked which side they came down on when it came to the “soul of the Republican party”), but I am one serious free-speech absolutist, and all of this abuse reminded me why.

I love the idea of what my country should be, because I want the bad ideas shouted down and democratically ridiculed. And I want the good ones, of which Amanda has a whole bunch, dealt with honestly and openly.

It saddens me to see it reduced to ad hominem attack. From either side. Ad hom is a known piece of argumentative shit.

That being said, kudos to all those who give a shit, about whatever. Near 40% of the country are so busy and defeated by it all they didn’t even vote.

No progress comes without conflict.