I’m starting to get a handle on this Obama guy.

He’s offered Hillary the Sec. of State job, and wants, maybe has asked her to turn it down. He needs her in the Senate, particularly on health care, and he has good back-up picks, most notably military veteran, multilingual realist John Kerry.

We’ll see. But I’ve a feeling this will be how it turns out, though not necessarily with Kerry as the final choice. I just sense that the offer to Hillary was a smart one in the end.

Adding I think she’d be a good Sec. of State, given the Clintons’ status in the world.

She’s a very competent woman. Even the GOP will admit that.

And Obama is a VERY clever politician. Count me among the first who stopped underestimating his ability to understand El Photo Grande.

Update: Leaks after a two year leak-free campaign are highly deserving of skepticism, on which my premise is based.