But only in the best possible way, in the context of my blog, which is pretty darned suspicious of The Man.

I swear I could “do” The Rude Pundit, not in the physical sense but in the rudeness sense. Sadly, he’s so much better at it than I could be it isn’t worth trying; besides, I think people’s genius is a matter of intellectual property.

This man speaks for me. Let me add a caveat that there are a lot of traditionally conservative policies I’m comfortable with, notable among them “not spending more money than you have,” though for government it is a different equation, and we’re in one of those times; the idea of not starting stupid and destructive (to us) wars without real national interest other than the “brilliant” Tom Friedman’s “suck on this” rationale, (note that Friedman now considers himself a war critic, as in, apparently, “if only we had killed people more competently!) hell, I can get behind the whole “get the government off people’s back” Ronald Reagan thing if only this principle was applied across the greater policy spectrum with some intellectual consistency, you know, like leaving personal decisions to us instead of The Man. See, “Shiavo, Terry.” Or abortion. (Wait for Sam Bee later in the segment.) Or marriage.

There was a time when the “conservative movement” respected such things as science and that wacky idea known as evidence. A time when the Buckley’s of the world thought sensibly about things like drug policy. Or knowledge. Or education.

Alas, those times are lost, and like The Rude Pundit, I can only say to the Mike Pence’s and Eric Cantor’s of the world, best wishes to you. Remember, the demographics are on your side. Youngsters just can’t stand homos and gay marriage and drugs and the government telling them they should be more “Christian.”

The evidence is clear, Mr. Pence and Mr. Cantor. Go with it. Your future is bright.

Godspeed, if I may.