…for political junkies, and all Americans who about their country even if they aren’t political junkies.

Except, unlike the Super Bowl, the whole country doesn’t circle the drain ever closer if your team loses.

Hard to keep things calm. Need to fast forward this mother a couple of hours.

I think I’ll just keep this thread open until something other comes to mind…

…update of sorts, a quick one: The gasbags on MSNBC keep uttering phrases like, “Things we have already discussed tonight…”

Uh, yeah. We could call that, Shorter: Entire gasbag population/universe.

Live blogging? Call it what you will. Long lines favor the Dems. New black voters will stay there as long as they can, and while I imagine a lot of new or first time 18-24 year-old first time voters saying things like, “Dude, this voting thing SUCKS, like, I mean, I have a kegger to get to!” I think they’ll hang in there, too, for the most part. Macro-ly, it seems to me that more GOP voters in long lines will ask themselves, “What’s the point?”

Give me Indiana, and we shall watch the death march all night with great joy. “Landslide,” the word, will come into play on the Great Tube of Learning. People will be spontaneously fucking, if I had my way. (I’m by myself, so it would take someone equally spontaneously stopping by unexpectedly to fulfill my dream. It’s a night to dream.)

KY goes for McCain says MSNBC. Ho-hum. IN still close. VT in! Obama wins! *yawn*

I shudder in empathy about the McCain campaigns’ sweating over reliably GOP IN.

Another funny gasbag Villager repetition: “We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves.” And then they do.

Would it be safe to say the networks, including the cable networks, are going to tease us tonight for ratings?

I think so. That being the case, I do NOT want any of them calling anything early. That’s an affront to democracy.

McCain wins South Carolina! The McCain campaign is relieved.

I wish I was a black conservative. If I was, I would be a famous TV pundit. And well paid, the most important thing.

PA in, according to MSNBC. Uh-oh, says the GOP bloc. Obama.

I’m still sniffing landslide. If McCain loses IN, he’s so toast he’s going to be campaigning in AZ until the polls close in HI.

Double uh-oh: CNN shows the central part of FL turning from strong Bush to strong Obama. If Obama wins FL, even VA doesn’t matter, if PA holds.

Inhofe wins, perhaps the biggest moron in the Senate. Hey, it’s OK. Not Okay, Oklahoma.

Getting greedy. Give me NC too. Whitey is turning out for the half-white guy. Maybe they’re feeling half-white is better than completely stupid.

Yes! Hagan is called in NC. Elizabeth Dole goes into happy Viagra village with her husband. God bless her in her retirement, getting the big one from her husband constantly. That’s a good thing for her personally, if not professionally.

AL goes for McCain! Woo-hoo! The McCain camp breathes a sigh of relief.

GA for McCain! Woo-hoo! The McCain camp breathes another sigh of relief.

Just fyi, CNN is being generally more conservative in their calls than is MSNBC.

FL or OH and it’s over if Obama wins either. What fun. After that I can focus on the smaller ones.

McCain wins GA! Another sigh of relief! All their sighs will be focused on AZ from here on out.

McCain wins LA, and WV! The race is tightening! Sadly for McCain, MSNBC calls OH for Obama, one minute after poll closing, and at this point I can’t see any way McCain carries FL. Time to put the “L” word into play, and hope AZ goes Obama for the final fork up the GOP collective ass.

VA is very close. All depends on which regions are left out so far.

Gee! Obama is doing well in the “educated white man” slice of the electorate. What do they know. I’m one, and I’m a moron.

Who’d a thunk it.

Fuck. M. McConnell, closet queen from KY wins. Oh, well. Win a few, lose a few. Win more, however.

IA goes to Obama. Again, no surprise. Give me a goddamn result in VA and NC. That will kill McCain. Obama is going to win FL. Very close in NC. VA too close to call. MOtoo close to call. McCain by 9,000 in IN with lots of votes already counted.

I’m a nice guy. Let us give IN to McCain. LOL.

MS for McCain! He’s kicking ass!

WY! It’s a McCain comeback!

TX! It’s a McCain landslide! Oh, wait.

I have several friends and a couple colleagues in Grant Park. I told them to take pictures.

McCain wins SD! Comeback! It’s going to be a fucking nail-biter!

God I’m digging this.

FOX calls VA for Obama, according to Josh at TPM. They’ve been a little ahead of themselves, though, perhaps contemplating a McCain win.

NC looks like McCain. Close though.

VA in! Obama wins! Can you say, “mandate?”

CNN calls the election for Obama, with CO and all the Left coast states outstanding.

My hope in America is renewed. Still a long way to go, but we’ve started.