I’ve been telling my gambling friend in Austin to take the points and TTech.

He can’t do it, because he can’t stand the emotional conflict of betting against his own team. I say he has a built-in emotional “cover” by doing so (I often bet–just imaginary money, NSA!–against my emotional favorite to cover my emotional losses) but my pal just hasn’t had any luck doing so.

I still think it will wind up close, but I wouldn’t bet for any #1 this year against a good team.

Not unlike our political choice.

Update: Great game. Kudos to Texas Tech, a team I couldn’t care less about, but are good and now I kinda like. 1 second to go, and it still isn’t over. Due to a bogus penalty on the moron TTech fans, and another one on the moron TTech team, the Red Raiders are kicking from their own 7.5 yard line. Can’t recall ever seeing that before.

Live blogging: Game over. TX counts as another #1 down.