I have to avoid the fevered swamp of Wingnuttia, not just for my own sanity, but mostly because others wade in and ridicule it so much better than I do.

So, I bookmarked The Corner under “Comedy” instead of politics, and rarely venture into The Dead Brain Zone. Tonight, I remembered, and just took a brief look to see the reactions to Obama’s infomercial. They were sadly predictable.

But before I jumped out of the too-many-gene pool, I came across this intellectual gem from the ever gem-shitting Mark Steyn, who gives us this pearl of mathematical wisdom:

In a grassroots movement, you smell the green. He’s raised $600 million, as you say, in small donations. So divide it by ten bucks apiece and there’s 60 million donors. If 120 million people vote on Tuesday, and he gets 50% that equals …60 million voters! Honestly, you cynical rightwing losers, what’s so suspicious about that math?”

Ah, those tricky things called “averages.” Factored in with some made-up numbers, some equally twisted logic (50% of $10 donors vote for Obama and you have 60,000,000 voters? Gee, I wonder what happens if one $60,000,000 donor votes for Obama! Or a million $2300 voters! The mind reels with the calculus involved.) and you can have all the fun you want!

It takes at least a high school education to understand this wacky concept.

For starters, the latest reports are that the “average” donation was $86. Approximately a factor of 8.6X error in Steyn’s retardedly simplististic and paranoid turd he calls a post on a major conservative intellectual website.

And in other news, Bill Gates and I average about $87,000,000 in annual income. I’m not close to that kind of scratch! Gates’ income is a LIE. QED.

A call to arms, winguttia! Someone is fishy here! I mean, you do the math!