The Candidates for the most powerful (at least up until now) political position on the planet take time out to have a laugh at themselves, and the process of getting elected.

Har-dee-har-fucking har!

For the record, I found both of them funny, McCain a little more so, even if I thought Obama’s “strength-weakness” answers (humility, sometimes I might be a little too awesome) were the individual joke winners, but the whole thing gave me the creeps when it was all said and done.

I’m glad they can get up on stage for a night of worthy cause, and I’m glad they can both joke about what bullshit the process has become.

But this twisted disconnect between the campaign rhetoric and tactics and the “aww shucks, we’re really both great people playing a dirty sport, and oh by the way, each of us will be fucking GOLDEN no matter what” on each side is just plain insulting to me. It’s not a game. I know, it really is a game, or sporting event these days when you consider the politics and media coverage we’ve evolved into, but it isn’t a game to everyone I know, no, not this year.

And it shouldn’t be in any year, much less a year with so much at stake.

Everyone I know is sweating fucking bullets about having a job and a house and health insurance through 2009*. If they’re lucky, they’re worrying about their pensions and/or their disappearing 401K’s. If they’re lucky.

It isn’t a game to us. Nor is it a sporting event. Not this year. Maybe in 2000, when everything was going pretty good for most people, when Bush pretended he was all “modest foreign policy” and the media portrayed Gore as a snobbish sweater-wearing speech-impeded intellectual, *gasp* and 600 votes gave us the worst President in history. Which legacy, non-sequiterly, will be solidified by the Bush depression we all see as possible. For the record.

We’ve got a VP candidate for a major party who has given fewer press conferences than Joe The Fucking Plumber, a VP candidate who is almost, at least, pathologically willing to whore herself for power, and then we find out JoeTP turns out to be another kind of a moron given the post 15-minute fame he seems to be enjoying.

This VP running with a cancer survivor candidate who will be the oldest President we’ve ever elected should he win.

That is some funny fucking shit!

Here’s another good one for you! That time you’re giving up to save your job and standard of living, feed, house, clothe, educate, and maintain the health of your loved ones? You’re not getting that time back, and if you think otherwise, you’re as stupid as near half the voting public. What a knee-slapper!

I consider a sense of humor to be essential to survival in these times, and I’m losing it, at least to the extent I’m paying attention to this election. “Lucky” people with jobs staying up late to keep those jobs, their health care, sacrificing quality life time for their children, spouses, recreation, hobbies, you name it, treading like mad in an ever-increasing Perfect Storm of “you’re fucked, we’re sorry,” well, it just isn’t funny to me any more.

And neither are charity events where the candidates act as if it all still was. Even if the candidates were.

If you’re going to make fun of the whole goddamn thing, do it on the trail, you pricks.

*Update: Here’s another good one! Everyone *I* know has lived within their means! Fucking hilarious!