Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater story.

The trailer is informative and worth watching, but I already knew all that stuff.

The reason I’m interested is because he’s the Father of Rove, and the originator of “politics as sport” bullshit.

But mostly I’m interested because when Lee Atwater was on his death bed, too early for anyone (even Lee), he came clean. It will be very interesting to me to see how (if?) the movie treats it.

For his sake, I hope his confession did him good. From my perspective, if in the unlikely chance there is a Hell for people, I hope he’s in it. I prefer to believe Lee simply and profoundly understands the error of his ways. If I had to bet the wife and farm, I’d say he was just another dead prick serving as worm food, but at least got it right when it mattered.

I would have liked him, I think. From everything I’ve read, he was a good dude who thought he had a job to do, did it well, and realized in the end he was a dick. I’ll bet that thought never crosses Karl Rove’s mind on his deathbed.