Just haven’t been able to post much lately.

Too amazed by the whole spectacle. We’re in some terrifically weird times.

Imagine: Mention to your average American the idea of “nationalized health care” and they look at you as if you just said Palin was qualified to be POTUS. Yet here we are pretty much nationalizing the banking industry, and it is nothing but “ho-hum, whoop dee doo, had to do it.”

Wingnut on wingnut crime has reached epidemic levels. William F. Buckley’s reliably conservative son, Christopher, has been kicked out of the GOP cult, just as Andrew Sullivan, George Will (that one was always a little pointed-headedly suspicious, I’ll grant), Kathleen Parker, Tom “GOP dog food would be taken off the shelves” Davis, David Frum (among others) excommunicated before Buckley.

Say anything against the cult leadership and your career is in danger.

Media Man, smelling a good story, has dropped their decade-long love of St. McCain like Media Man was Larry King writ large, and generally come out and called McCain a skank.

The stock market is clinically manic-depressive.

People are losing their jobs. All of 8% think the country is on the “right track,” historic lows. The safety net the majority of Americans voted against for the last 30 years is gone. Heck, it was a Democrat who signed into law the end of Federal welfare.

And it looks like we could actually elect a guy with a vaguely terrorist-sounding name, a man only half-white, to be our next President.

Sign me,