…but was denied.

Dear Senator McCain,

I was once a huge fan. I believed in your love of country above self. I believed you would do what was right. I believed you would do the right thing regardless of party or ideology.

I believed in you.

I was willing to give Governor Palin a look, as a political junkie, because I found your pick to be interesting and unconventional.

You have embarrassed me. And you have embarrassed our country by picking someone even many smart conservatives think is wholly unprepared, and which pick was wholly irresponsible.

As someone who hates both parties with equal strength, I offer you some free advice: If you and your VP candidate don’t start denouncing the rabidly violent elements well-recorded in your campaign events, and one of these people gets through, I will hold you personally responsible for the blood on your hands.

You will not be my President should the politics you are ignoring, if not encouraging, create the worst.

I am crushed by your campaign. I thought you could win on substance and policy. Trust me, there is no one, NO ONE, who favors “small government” more than I do.

I do not understand what the Republican party has become. My beloved deceased Grandfather, with whom I lived for many, many years of my adult life, was a youthful Democratic union organizer before I was born, and a free-market libertarian rabid Republican during most all of the time I spent with him. We argued politics with respect and vigor and love.

I love him to this day. HE was a man of integrity, and would NEVER have encouraged the hatred and bile you are condoning.

I don’t know which is worse: The state of this country, the state of this economy, or the level of hate in which your hugely “Christian” supporters have engaged.

If you are the man I once believed in, you will rise to the occasion. Now you have to prove it. Personally, I think it is your only chance.


John O

Update: Thank you, Senator McCain. I am one who believes you are sincere, to the extent I can believe you about anything these days.

I only hope it isn’t too late. Once the genie is out of the bottle, she’s hard to get back in, and there are no doubt X% of your base base who will conclude you’re simply caving to the “liberal” media, and must take matters into their own hands.