We’re close to electing this guy again.

Idiocracy, the comedic movie, was not meant to be a documentary.

We’re dangerously close to documentary, Idiocracy speaking.

Update: For those of you who don’t understand the Flying Spaghetti Monster reference, read and learn. When my Catholic Godson declared himself a Pastafarian at age 15, without my influence, I was ecstatic. A fine boy, I concluded.

Update: Just so you know, the very idea of me being a Catholic anything, much less Godfather, made for a ton of big time humor and laughs in my large and diverse family. I took a ton of crap for being responsible for the inevitable impending lightening strike that was bound to occur during the ceremony.

Since I’ve been called Satan himself by not just my family members, but schoolmates and colleagues for my entire post K-5 life, it was very funny (though completely flattering), when my crib mate Aunt–she was born one month ahead of me by Grandma while Grandma’s daughter, who I like to call “Mom” was about to deliver me–the Aunt who appointed me Godfather is one of the world’s great, kind, sensible, smart human beings, and I love her like nobody’s business.

I’m George Bailey rich.