Spent with a dear old friend from out of town, and likely one of the top 100 in the world at what he does.

If I had to guess, I would say top 10. But I’m biased. And what “he does,” I should say, is in no way unserious or insignificant from a life-changing point of view.

In any case, he’s highly Googlable. And he is a kindred soul (except for being better at it all), a kind, hyper-realistic, compassionate, loving human being of most unimpeachable character, and probably the most “competent,” in every way (physical, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional), sane and oddly spiritual person I’ve ever met, particularly as he’s a devout atheist. (I’m one who, if given no other choice, would bet that way, but consider doctrinaire atheism as intellectually arrogant as any religion.)

He is a true joy to me, as are his spectacularly beautiful wife, children and extended family. Im proud and privileged to know him and them, though he is one of those people we’ve all known who makes us feel nearly wholly inadequate.

I go to bed a very happy man.

If he ever needs an organ, at least one I have an extra of, it’s his for the taking.

And I stole that sentiment from him.

Sometimes people just take your life and light it up a little, if only to the extent you have someone who “gets” you. I have lots of those people, and this gentleman is one of them, and he is as perceptive and honest and (positively, healthily) cruel and brilliant and wise as anyone the world has ever known. Or at least me, for sure.

Of course, a lot of people think he’s a dick, for whatever reason. Morons.

There is nobody I would sooner trust either my life or death to.