Obama’s comment today about McCain panicking was pitch-perfect in this voter’s eyes, because my prediction is that McCain is going to pop a fuse in public before this race is over.

He is who he is. And McCain is a person with a pretty well-documented inability or unwillingness to control his own temper. We’ve all known people with temper issues, and they’re just not that easily managed. It’s emotion, and despite McCain’s years as a politician, he could be just a little vulnerable on this score.

Free advice for Obama: Keep being emotionally cool, and keep picking at McCain’s scabs. If you have any luck, we’ll see McCain’s fuse blow in the debates, which would be fantastic infotainment.

Obama’s speech:

As I’ve said many times before, underestimating Obama’s political acumen is a fool’s game, and McCain’s impulse control is his Achilles’ heel, and I suspect Obama knows it. Now is the time to start picking at it.

Take it from a pro.