…for many months that the proverbial “bar” for Obama winning either the nomination or the election is Jackie Robinson-high. Not only did Robinson need to be a better baseball player than most of his peers, he had to be a better human being.

One example is a pregnant teenage daughter. If Obama had one, he would have known out of the blocks that he could’ve never won the nomination. He never would have, nor could have run. Add to that having the equivalent of young Mrs. Palin’s grandchild’s father being a black gangster thug future son-in-law for the Obama’s, and people like Hannity, Rush, and the entirety of the Mighty Wulitzer that is the right-wing noise machine would never let it go.

This is transparently obvious.

The other example is what I call the “Angry Black Man” impact. Obama has effectively been forced to fight unarmed. Any anger or righteous indignation on his part, no matter how justified, is bad for him politically.

Well said, here.