While I’ve been a bit nervous about those addictive daily polling results, a lot can happen in 50 days.

For one thing, a few more banks and brokerage houses could collapse, even if Bush and Co. do everything illegally possible to delay it until post-election day. And it make take at least that long to shake out in any case, given the sheer size our house-of-cards financial system has become.

Then there are the debates. Since the Corporate Media has lately become frightened themselves of a McCain-Palin win, I sense they will be a little tougher on both Biden/Palin and Obama/McCain, which could play well. It is truly emblematic of our problems, though, that we have to hope the refs come through for us.

It will be very hard for me to stomach a McCain win, and the only upside I can come up with is that things are going to be so disastrously bad next year it somehow seems fitting that a Republican President is stuck to try to clean it up.

“Tax cuts!” May not work this time as the Grand Solution to all the nation’s problems.