Thanks to Athenae at First Draft. Her introduction to the link is damn near as pretty as the piece itself.

This a gem. You can feel yourself there.

I hate what 9-11 did to my country. That’s the legacy of 9-11 to me. 9-11 united us, and then our President and his partners took that unity and shit on it. After 9-11 torture became a legitimate debate. After 9-11 civil liberties and illegal surveillance became secondary. After 9-11 the rule of law became an afterthought.

After 9-11, the world loved us, and in one of the greatest and most reckless expenditures of political capital in the history of the universe, our President and Co., The Man, turned the world against us.

I hate this date. We could’ve honored our fallen with nothing more than rationality, sanity and respect for the Constitution, and we didn’t do it. We failed our victims, every one of them.