I used to like and respect him a lot. As Steve Benen put it, it’s hard not to go full-blown ALL-CAPS and rant obscenely about the morality and integrity fall McCain has undertaken.

Andrew Sullivan, known madman conservative, puts it nicely, and politely.

This post has a lot of good links for you to check your facts. Steve Benen and Hilzoy are truly good writers and thinkers.

One of those links is from Josh Marshall, former and current journalist with some level of self-respect if transparent bias, needs to be re-linked.

If McCain wins, I’m no better than a radical, pacifist observer of the downfall of the American ideal.

(HUGE caveat: McCain could win and just FUCK, fuck violently and without consent, his right wing base. Everyone knows he’s really no big fan, and he’ll have nothing to lose. I once thought this was a viable concept, now I view it only as a pipe-dream.)

Update: I was done with McCain politically a long time ago, somewhere about the same time he embraced the politics that lost him the nomination in 2000. What I mean to say is that I’m done believing in McCain personally, which I once did. He’s lost all semblance of pride and dignity, and yes, honor. I say he knows he’s sacrificing everything he once stood for, and hates himself for it. To me, this interview provides some substantive evidence of my suspicion.

Hope he’s not too religious. My God looks down upon McCain’s peculiar sort of personal self-destruct.