Is it just me, or is anyone else picturing McCain’s campaign advisors with sore stomachs and facial muscles over laughing so hard at Obama’s assertion that the America people aren’t that stupid?

Here’s what we know so far about Palin’s academic record. In her defense, I know people with similar records, and I would vote for them as VP. At least against Palin.

This gets right to the Atrios’ point that I made below. This one isn’t partisan at all, but it IS about the stupidity of the American public.

Her first policy question gets punted down the field of stupidity. Sheesh. Of course most Americans won’t know, either, but you won’t hear this too much on the “liberal networks,” either. You watch. Though, in YOUR defense, it’s hard to see things that aren’t there.

I’m with Heywood, as always seems to be the case:

And if not, if their shameless lies and comical gestures work yet again on the goobers, and you get another round of the same boss? Hell, I dunno. Disengage. Opt out. Get yours and move on. Heighten those contradictions. I still think the system has failed and we are essentially where the British were a hundred years ago, by and large, but at least the Democrats are somewhat more likely to cushion the blow a tad for the peons. If the system hasn’t quite yet failed, it most certainly will with clowns like McCain and Palin in charge. And a catastrophically diseased, debauched system will and should ultimately fail on its own terms, so instead of trying to further stand tall against the tide of stupidity in such an aftermath, look around for a board and ride the wave.

Oh, and this is just creepy. Not a matter of national significance, perhaps, but very creepy no matter how you slice it.

That isn’t hunting. That’s raping passed out people in an alley.

Update: Adding to the wolf story, her love of killing will put her in good stead with the neo-cons.