Atrios gets at something here that I see in even and often my extremely well-educated workplace.

Politics as TV show. Divorced from anything they claim to care about, say, locally, but as entertainment. The number of women who loved Palin’s speech was staggering. The policies were irrelevant. It doesn’t really matter who wins; it’s a popularity contest, a beauty pageant, American Idol writ large.

Which makes me wonder how what is left of the right-wing intelligentsia will vote. Frankly, I don’t think there are enough of them to make a difference, and I’m not sure any of them can cast aside their professional partisanship to pull the lever for Obama, anyway. But it sure would be interesting to know how the “intellectual” right really votes. Especially the famous ones.

When you add the “politics as reality show” constituency to the vagin-Americans who will simply vote for McCain-Palin because Palin is a woman, and those who will vote against Obama simply because he’s only half-white, to the number of people who will vote for Palin because she hunts and fishes, I guess I think the conventional wisdom that this election is Obama’s to lose is a little overblown.

It’s tough out here being a political junkie.

Update: TexasMango has a very incisive analysis on the race part. It’s also a lovely post. Good luck to all of us.

Update 2: The brilliant and lyrical Heywood J. has more on our genius voting population.