Q: Do you believe the Earth is roughly 6000 years old?

Follow up Q for Y answer: Do you believe we know the speed of light?

Follow up to Y answer: Are you aware that all those beautiful Alaskan stars wouldn’t be seen by your lovely bespectacled eyes until the light that shines in both travels many ‘light-years’?”

Follow up Q for N answer: You don’t believe we know the speed of light?

Follow up Q for N answer: Really? Your biography suggest you are a creationist. Please elaborate.

Q: Would John McCain have chosen you if you were a man?

(No chance of N answer.)

Follow up Q to inevitable Y answer: So, just to restate, you believe you were the most qualified person, man or woman, McCain, who will be the oldest President we’ve ever elected, could have chosen to be his Vice Presidential candidate?

Q: What was your role in the job loss of your ex-brother-in-law, and Walter Monegan?

A: I can’t comment on it, because it is currently under investigation. I will say that my record as a reformer is clear.

Q: Do you think the American public might be tiring of those words?

A: No comment.

Q: On to foreign affairs. Do you believe, as many McCain surrogates have suggested, that Alaska’s proximity to Russia provides you foreign policy experience?

Follow up to Y answer: Really. Explain how.

(Follow up until she proves she as a clue about foreign policy. Yes, it will be a long interview, but this is fantasy politics.)

Follow up to N answer: Then why do you suppose so many people are saying precisely that?

Q: You imposed a windfall profits tax on oil companies in AK, which John McCain opposes and Barack Obama supports. Why?

A: Because I have a proven record of taking on the special interests.

Q: Thank you for your valuable time. You’re truly hot. Just one more softball: Which books were you interested in banning? Many Americans want to ban books, so this is a valid question.