Wow. The hits just keep pouring out of the candidate McCain didn’t bother to vet, so now is being vetted by the media and the blogosphere.

Her car wash business was shut down by Alaska’s division of corporate business and professional licensing.

The McCain camp said she was thoroughly vetted. Everyone else with an informed opinion doesn’t think so.

She was a sports reporter at one time, so is familiar with the idea of “running out the clock,” like with respect to the investigation she’s under for clearly inappropriate, though just as clearly SOP, political influencing.

The father of the Palin grandchild turns out to be a mature, intelligent, educated young man of superior values. I hope someone told him he’s got a wedding planned. And a kid coming. This could be funny to watch play out, but sadly I’m assuming he’ll do what he’s told. Doesn’t seem to have the stones to do otherwise. (Still, there’s hope: He’s a teenager.)

Here she is quoted with a reasonable and rational support of oil drilling, and the Iraq war. A thoughtful, strong woman indeed.

At least we know she’ll respect the “balance of powers” thing allegedly written into our Constitution.

I say the odds of her making it the distance are about 1-3. If she was a man, she’d have already been laughed off the national stage.

We are living in some awfully strange times. There is no way anyone will predict how this turns out with any confidence in my mind until Nov. 5.

Wow. Just, wow.