Billmon writes. You read.

Billmon should have some sort of Dean Broder-like position in the political analysis game.

The man turned me into some sort of freak-show spiritualist, almost, with his unbelievably prescient analysis of the most recent Israeli-Lebanon war, wherein he was so consistently ahead of what would happen next I actually considered my man Billmon was some sort of mystic clairvoyant. It was truly amazing.

It won’t help you, or me, to link his genius, because if you don’t have it in the context of what came next you simply cannot appreciate the foresight in Billmon’s posts about that war. I’m telling you, it was spectacular.

People who don’t read Billmon are ignorant. LOL. And he’s asking the most interesting Meta-question in American politics today: Is America still so white it can’t vote with sanity?