It was funny to me because I watched the interview not 15 minutes ago, and all I could say was, “Wow. That was inept, and kind of embarrassing.”

And BINGO! The glories of the blogosphere and all: John Cole posts the video, so everyone can see it.

I’m not sure this Palin pick is going to wear well at this point. McCain had better hope the moderate independents are paying absolutely ZERO attention right now, all evidence to the contrary.

I’ll put the odds of Palin not making it to November as the VP candidate at 35-65, but only because McCain will be too stubborn and embarrassed to replace her.

Oh, and Karl Rove is a genius. At least when it comes to getting 51%.

Update: It appears that this interview so angered the calm, rational, measured Senator McCain that he canceled an interview with that flaming liberal, Wolf Blitzer.