For the neophyte, “Party Unity My Ass,” is an organization (such as it is) formed by fierce Clinton supporters who refuse to vote for Obama.

I call them, “People Universally Moron-Americans.”

If you’re a Hillary supporter, and you’d vote for McCain before Obama, you have no business being called anything but fucked up. It’s not even worth explaining why since it is so self-evident.

Hillary can be a MAJOR force in the Senate. You know, where laws get made. The POTUS just signs them, assholes.

Update: And how do these PUMA’s feel about the idea of making Clinton the next Supreme Court nominee? It’s isn’t the worst choice Obama could make, after all, and it is hard to imagine her nomination for SC going down in a strong Senate majority. It would make Hillary far more potent than she is already. A lifetime of influencing public policy, far more time than Obama.

These PUMA people are completely unhinged from sanity, and really are too stupid to live. Where is Darwin when I need him? Yeah, I know, but couldn’t we hurry it along a little, Chuck? Just this once?