Since I’m one of those people impossible to offend (rank bigotry and intolerance being exceptions, and I’m not talking about comedians who do it, nor anyone using it as satire, of which I have a very forgiving, “benefit of the doubt goes to the speaker” view) I really liked the pick of Biden.

Joe is funny, very, very smart when it comes to actual important stuff, and he doesn’t back down from anything.

Biden is a famously great family guy, one of the “poorest” people in national politics, and outside his bankruptcy vote, which was pretty reasonable from a State point of view, since Delaware is the home of banks, has voted pretty sensibly over the course of his career.

In today’s world, though, it will mostly be his wit and razor-sharp elbows that will get the attention. Obama does poetry, Biden does debate counter-punching. And he hits hard. About Rudy, “Noun, verb, and 9-11” remains the funniest quip of the season.

In my 3 or 4 years in the blogosphere, I’ve seen a lot of criticism of Biden that I hope subsides for a while. I never really understood it, most likely because of my aforementioned tendency to give people talking on TV a lot of latitude when it comes to what I think they meant to say vs. how Media Man chose to frame it. The classic recent Biden example was when he said a whole bunch of nice things about Obama, and a lot of people threw down the “RACIST!” card.

Ridiculous. Reality, meet perception.

Anyway, good pick. It will be fun to watch the VP debate, for once, particularly if McCain chooses Mittens or Rudy. There are simply not a lot of people in DC, political people or Media Men, those who pay attention to politics, even on the Republican side, that won’t concede Biden knows his shit. Not that he’s always agreed with, not by any means, but you don’t want to get in a formal debate with Biden unless you have your game-face on.

And he will step on your neck. Killer instinct won’t be a problem for Joe. If he gets his teeth in you, you’re going to wish you were somewhere else.

Obama made a serious choice for serious times, and I’m happy with it.

Update: Susan at Suburban Guerilla has a nice video up which should give one a peek into Biden’s soul. I think Joe has a good soul. This is a guy who has never had a residence in DC, and takes the train home every night to be with his family.

I love my family, but that’s just too much train-time for me. I think Biden is an exceptional man, which makes two for the Dem ticket.