It is obvious that the Corporate Media is going to keep this story going. Good for ratings and all.

As little as I know about the region, and it’s very little, I’ve been looking around for more information, and have found some pieces I find very common-sensical.

John Cole on the “national interest” part. John again on our now standard issue fantastic handling of the situation, in true Bush legacy fashion.

Steve Benen on McCain’s frighteningly giddy response to the “crisis” so St. John can wield his “I know how to end wars” stick, apparently thinking in this case we’ll have to start another one first. And forgetting he’s got a couple of wars already started he could use to end.

But I don’t think he really wants to end wars. He’s from a “war is honor” family.

Hilzoy covers a lot of good ground on the issue here, too.

If Americans read just those links above, they’d know about 100X more than they do now. Not. Gonna. Happen. They’ll let the networks and cable gasbags get them all fired up for more death and destruction.

Update: The great IOZ goes a little deeper into the historical morass. He’s one worldly smart mo-fo.

Update 2: LGM has another rather funny (unless you consider the potential) take. Hey, you’re a genius, why not go to LGM and take them on, argumentatively? It will do your soul good.