And it will be really, really bad for us.

Amazing that it is close. Personally, I find it very disconcerting to understand how many people in this country are so disengaged and stupid. And not just that, there’s this stubborn refusal among these people to learn how bad the modern GOP is at actual governance, right in the face of near overwhelming evidence to the contrary. “Government IS the problem,” I guess.

(And don’t underestimate that sentiment among the semi-libertarians among us, by which my calculations amount to 90% of the electorate on some basic personal and Constitutional level. As I often declare, give me 15 minutes with anyone in this country and I’ll find a policy this person doesn’t feel government has any right in which to stick their collective nose.)

There have been several instances with video evidence where McCain looks to me most like a doddering, uninformed, angry old man.

It’s a good thing our media is keeping us all so up to date when this stuff happens.

Update: Not that anyone is ever on me, but get off me. If the McCain camp is going to portray Obama as a scary negro, even in code, I’ll be perfectly comfortable coming out and saying that McCain has passed the age of coherence and his policy and personality were forged in a world long ago dead. He’s a walking stooge of the old.

Update: Josh Marshall has an interesting little nugget from our political geniuses on The Great Tube of Learnin’. The claim about McCain’s negative ads and tone is pretty much, well, he doesn’t know what is going on inside his own campaign, and being all Mavericky and honorable, wouldn’t like it if he did. Nice. POTUS material!

Update 2: Josh posts the video. Judge for yourself.