There is a tendency among all people, political junkies not at all exempt, to assume other people live in the same general life paradigms they themselves live.

Watching the shape of the proverbial race for the “soul of the country,” whatever that is, it is becoming increasingly obvious that certain narratives are hardening into “conventional wisdom,” with little regard to trivia like whether or not the CW makes any sense.

“Iran cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons” has now become lock-step mainstream, so much so that the Democratic candidate for POTUS, out of fear of being electorally weak on the nasties of the world, has been forced to embrace it. From my 49 year old perspective, I don’t get it. I see Pakistan with nuclear weapons, India, and several other countries in the world so armed, and while I wish, ideally, that nobody had them (Except us; those other countries are the kind of vicious bastards that would drop them on an unsuspecting Japanese city!) it is simply reality that we have to deal with it.

Iran is no different, in my eyes. My own personal solution to this “crisis” is probably overly simplistic, but it goes along the lines of, “Go ahead. Build them. Use them and you disappear, all your ancient and once great culture, all your leaders, all your buildings, all your art, and the great majority of those that call themselves Persians/Iranians. Count on it.”

Our submarine fleet could accomplish this in about a half an hour, and if you think the Iranians aren’t aware of this you’re not very bright. Very few countries are proactively suicidal, and I suspect the Iranians are no different here. I actually think they’re less suicidal than most, being one of the oldest civilizations on the planet. Right now, the USofA seems a bit more suicidal to me, if only in the slow way, by virtue of reckless imperialism and an ever widening income gap in conjunction with one of the civilized world’s weakest social safety nets.

The big winner in the War on Iraq has been the Iranians, and I’m sure this isn’t lost on them. They have geopolitical interests, too, and they take advantage of opportunities, just like every other government of any significance.

More CW: If the election is “about Obama” the GOP has a chance. And the McCain campaign has done a brilliant job of achieving that over the last week, managing to accuse the first viable half whte “African-American” candidate in history of playing the race card, no small feat except when you include the stenography and profit margins of our professional media corps.

People in both the political class and political junkie class see this for what it is, depending on your point of view, either transparently ridiculous on its face and/or very good politics. You can bet the farm that even the GOP is chuckling over this small miracle.

The conventional wisdom that the GOP is far better at winning elections than are the Democrats is objectively true, using even the simple, pretty straightforward metrics of near 75% of the country seeing us on the wrong track, yet the race for POTUS being basically tied, despite one candidate’s embrace of most policy positions of the President who created the 75% wrong track number.

This phenomena goes back to the paradigms. The GOP plays to the low information voter exceptionally well. They also play to the low educated, intolerant, and ignorant voters exceptionally well. The reasons the Democratic Party is so bad at playing to them are certainly many, but one of them is a matter of paradigm and human nature; it is simply hard for the Dems to believe there are so many ignorant racists, end-timers, and folks who just don’t pay attention to this stuff at all out there, as in, in existence. It is outside the party’s collective paradigm.

The Democrats over the last 20 years are the party of at least mildly sane government, but the Republicans are the party of winning elections. The GOP is simply better at gaming the media towards capturing the votes of the people nobody would actually want running anything serious, even some of the more introspective and wise among the low information, low education voters. My suspicion here is that there are a lot of uneducated, toothless poor people who are fully aware that they are not qualified to be elected officials. To their credit.

The ruling class, both parties and our Centralized Media, have fostered this festering divide, because it is in their interests to do so, just as it is in the Iranians interest to take advantage of our own foreign policy stupidity. They have made life for Average Joe and Josette a fabulously complex ball of confusion, with the tax code, local, State, and Federal law, and the natural tendencies of legislators to legislate, since those legislators eventually run out of big things to legislate and start in with the small stuff, which naturally starts eroding the principles of individual freedom and independence and, well, just to be left alone in their persons and papers.

In today’s paradigm, our Founding Fathers were terrorists. It’s sad to watch us make the same mistakes every great world power has made since world powers evolved, using exactly the same rationales, and even sadder that you never hear it said.

We’re divided, and a nation divided cannot stand, and you’ll see the cracks widening as the economy gets worse.

Hungry, sick, terminally pissed off poor people don’t give a shit about YOUR politics. And in that way chaos lies.

It’s a pretty exciting time for this country. Like I always say, one thing I thank George W. Bush for is making me happy I’m on the downhill of life. I don’t think I’ll be around long enough to see the worst of the horror if things don’t change fairly soon.