John Cole gets another one exactly right.

I like John in a big way because he’s sat on both sides of the proverbial fence, like I have. There are a lot of (ex) Republican principles I can get behind. Like, you know, “get the government off of people’s backs,” though I include the bedroom and personal decisions which the modern GOP does not. My libertarian leanings (Disclaimer: Not pure Lib! How about, “Bill of Rights” lib?) run pretty deep.

Sadly, Media Man is not going to discuss this stuff. Bad for ratings. War. Good. Conflict. Good.

I’m watching MSNBC for the last two hours and they’ve played McCain’s “Messiah” ad (No charge! And kudos to the McCain campaign for understanding this.) at least three times over two shows.

MSNBC is tearing their own proverbial hair out about how it is not healthy to inject race into the discussion, while devoting about 80% of their programming, at least today, to the very subject.

The Corporate Media’s own inability to understand their influence on things “talked about” is truly an embarrassment to the country. It’s also pretty embarrassing for the Corporate Media, but they have a financial interest in a lack of collective introspection. My curiosity about whether or not they start covering McCain objectively is big, big, big.

We could be dead. America as a concept, I mean.