Matt writes a nice little concise post about McCain’s “regular guy” bona fides.

There isn’t much question that Obama has this one won on the merits. Media Man won’t bother with it, of course. McCain is a Republican, and $520 shoes are nothing, not at all like $400 haircuts.

All other things being equal, I’ll vote for the guy who has been poorest, longest, and I’ve said it for years. It’s convenient for me, because it runs against our rich and famous media, our Democratic electoral officials, and the GOP. Christ, I vote third party whenever I can, but at least the Donks provide some lip service to the less fortunate among us. So, no third party votes this year, unless Barry pulls another FISA or something.

If McCain wins, it will be a very profound and sad day in at least one rapt political junkie’s life.