…to the Cubs spanking of the Brewers, whose sphincters have to be fairly tight after losing their first two in Milwaukee with the Brew Crew’s aces on the hill. We scoff at Sabathia and Sheets!

A sweep would be grand, but that’s a lot to ask.

The reason I’m so confident about the Cubs this year is that their success dovetails nicely with my sense that some kind of mild-to-moderate Apocalypse is upon us. If the Cubs win the World Series, and McCain wins the election, I’ll be pretty sure something mystical and epic is right around the corner.

Not necessarily a bang, but at least an acceleration of the whimper.

Update: A sweep it is! In Milwaukee. Possible death-blow to the Brewers, but I personally think they’ll hang in there if Sabathia and Sheets stay healthy. They have to be bummin’, though. The collective score in the series was 31-11. Ouch.

That’s a baseball ass-kicking.

Cubs with a 5 game lead over everyone. Right on. That being said noting that I became a Cub fan of perpetual sadness in 1969, at age 10, when they blew an 8.5 game lead held in late August. Thankfully, the Mets even bigger collapse of last year killed all those demons.

The Cubs are a good team this year. They may not win it all, because luck has a lot to do with it, but they should be in the hunt.