The man is just naturally a bully, thug, and charlatan, but I have a creeping respect for his capitalistic success, and every now and then he sputters out something I agree with, like the government should stay out of people’s bedrooms. (Who can even imagine why he feels that way?) He’s turned being an asshole into the sweet, sweet smell of money, the measure of worth in 21st Century America.

So, that being said, I’m kind of on Bill’s side when he says stuff like this.

I mean, people who “smoke reefers 24/7” are probably likely not to aspire to a lot of power, at least if they’re not Al Gore or George Bush, and probably don’t even aspire to a lot of fame, like Bill O’Lielly.

In other words, people who smoke “reefers” (!) 24/7 just aren’t likely to cause that much damage. Back up the truck and offload the BC bud, and maybe some snacks, and everyone will be left alone.

THAT’s good government. LOL.