Boy, I can’t wait to see it now that I know Batman is actually a symbol of…wait for it…George W. Bush!

So says some of the most valuable op-ed real estate on the planet. Ladies and gentlemen, your Wall Street Journal!! (I won’t link their sorry asses, but you can find it.)

How much more embarrassing can the conservative bowel movement become?

I’m sure they’ll exceed my expectations.

Update: I saw the movie today, and loved it. I thought the politics were pretty convoluted, but being a guy who sees things sort of broadly, I felt it was a nice representation of the issues of chaos and order and all the little morality plays that go on underneath the age-old struggle of the need for, limitations of, and complexities of having Power.

I was also amusedly reassured that one need not remove one’s head from one’s rectum to get WSJ editorial space. George Bush? The only thing I thought they had in common was English, and Batman’s was a lot better.